Covid, the best innovator in the 21st century


The world is ever changing, and new technologies are developed almost on a daily basis. However, there are still a lot people and businesses who have not adopt and/or embrace innovation and technologies.

Covid19 simply speed up this process and made a lot of businesses realised that things can be done better, easier and even more scale-able with the help of technology.

Working from home is not a norm in many places and although there are limitations, there are definitely a lot of benefits as well. Many have cited the flexibility and convenience working from home with time and money saved from travelling to and from work. However, distractions from home remains the top issues many have faced. 

Covid19 have also proved everyone that you can still collaborate with your teammates without the need to be physically there. Meetings can be done remotely reducing many unnecessary traveling and scheduling.

Although we strongly believe that offices and work spaces are still necessary and remains relevant in the future to come, we felt that the approach by businesses moving forward will be very different. 

Coworking in post-covid world

Satellite offices might be preferred by some companies, with employees having the flexibility to go any of these offices that might be nearer to their home. In times of crisis, such as pandemic, natural disaster, riot, terrorist attack, the company would be less likely to be as heavily impacted. 

Funds can also be saved from renovation and acquiring certain services as these will usually be provided by the coworking company. These funds can then be better utilised to market or grow the business.

Flexible lease with potential to upscale or downscale also allows the business to swiftly adapt to the situation they are having, instead of waiting for existing lease to be up which can take months or even years.

To end off this post, we believe coworking will be the way to go in future but even then, they must continue to innovate.