Renovating your Dream Office Space

After a long search and negotiating for your dream office space, you finally are handed the keys to your new office. But wait, it is empty. Renovation is one of the most crucial part of setting up your office space as it is literally your second home as you and your coworkers are likely to spend around 8hrs a day here. It has to be somewhere that sparks creativity, increase productivity and most importantly, makes you feel comfortable. 

Typical Office Renovation Timeline

Typical Office Renovation period takes about 3-4 months from seeking office design proposals to completion. At times, it may take up to 6 months if it is during major holiday period, or if you have complex IT/security requirements. We strongly encourage you set aside good enough buffer time while waiting for the completion of the new office so that your company will not be stranded.

Start with Clearly Set Goals

While the designers can work on the details and designs, you will first have in mind what you want the office to look and feels like. Industrial, Modern, Classy, Biophilic or just a basic office? Knowing what you want will definitely speed things up. Also, no one knows better what do you need in an office. How many desks? Manager or Directors room? A huge meeting room, or an open work desk concept, and with these on hand, the designer can optimise the space you have and gives you what you truly need and wants. 

Budgeting for your Office Renovation

Renovation cost varies largely due to requirements and design. However as a rule of thumb, a basic set up will cost around RM40psf and a standard set up will cost around RM80psf while a premium set up can cost around RM120psf. These estimates will include most of the cost of renovation as well as furniture. However it does not include IT, Security and AV systems.

Trending Solution

If you are like many others out there who thinks that the lead time and investment cost is something you want to avoid, then a good solution would be to look for serviced office or coworking spaces. They usually provide partial and/or fully furnished offices which are in move-in condition which will cut the waiting time. Although their rental will definitely be higher, as it is furnished, you are not required to come out lump sum investment but instead pay over the period of the lease.

Serviced Office and Coworking spaces will also have more facilitates than what you would have done for your own company as they are serving a bigger crowd. Example such as an elaborate pantry area, games room, nap room, event spaces and more!