Corporate Office

Are you looking to branch out into this region? Do you have different departments and prefer they have different work areas? You have come to the right place.

Ecowork Space’s corporate office is perfect for companies looking to expand into this region. By using our offices, you save on heavy upfront capital expense which cost hundreds of thousands which can then be channeled to things that really matters for your business such as marketing and advertising.

Time can be better spent on hiring, doing sales and project management rather than sourcing for reliable contractors, interior designers and waiting for renovation which can take up to 2 – 3 months to complete.

Our flexible term also enable you to scale up or down when the need arises. Fully furnished with tastefully renovation and emphasis on biophilic elements. Amble natural light, clean air and greenery helps de-stress and promote productivity. The office can be further customized to better suit your requirement such as having more meeting rooms.


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Why Co-working?

Time Saving

  • Save time on finding contractor & designing your office
  • Save time on sourcing office equipment & furniture


Cost Efficient

  • Save lump sum expenses on renovation and use that to grow your business
  • Save on acquiring office equipment and furniture which are depreciating assets 


More Flexibility

  • Flexible term from as low as 12 months based on requirement
  • Flexibility increasing or decreasing office size depending on company growth



Our Commitments 

Embracing Biophilic Elements

We embrace biophilic designs which is proven to increase productivity and reduces stress for our members.

Growing With You

We will only truly grow if our members grow. Hence we would like to be with all our members in their journeys.

Your Best Support

While you focus on your business, we will ensure the offices and facilities are well taken care of.