Hot and Dedicated Desks

Ecowork Space pride ourselves in delivering excellent services and premium office solutions for all our clients. For freelance and entrepreneurs, we got your covered as well with our virtual office as well as hot and dedicated desks. We sure to have something available for all levels of businesses and are determined to grow with you.

Having greenery whenever we can, allowing as much natural light into the offices, using plasma technology air-conditions are some of the many examples on how we design the space to ensure your stay here is as stress free as possible, the air you breathe is as clean as possible because we care for every members who are using our offices and we want to give them the best within our means.

RM250 / month

Virtual Office

Flexible              NA                1 pax            Flexibility

This plan gives you a prime corporate address and mail-handling service, for those without the need for a physical workspace. We will also grant you 2 day free hot desk usage a month.

RM35 / day

Hot Desks (Daily)

Flexible              NA                1 pax            Flexibility

This plan is great for freelancers and entrepreneurs who find themselves moving around a lot and do not need a fixed desks or storage.

RM450 / month

Hot Desks (Monthly)

Flexible              NA                1 pax            Flexibility

Excellent option for those who need a physical space to do their works or projects but do not need any storage space.

RM650 / month

Dedicated Desks

1 Desk                 NA                1 pax            Flexibility

Perfect for companies with more than 40 employees. Our flexible and fully furnished corporate office allows you save capital expense on renovation and furniture while you try to expand your business.


Seeing is believing, feel free to contact us and arrange for a viewing at your convenience. For more information, click on the green button at the bottom of this list!

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