Meeting Facilities

Ecowork Space pride ourselves in delivering excellent services and premium office solutions for all our clients. Meeting rooms are where our members brainstorm ideas and meet their clients hence we made sure that we create the right environment for that purpose specifically. Our meeting facilities are equipped with projectors, interactive touch screen TV, writing materials and pantry services.

Having greenery whenever we can, allowing as much natural light into the offices, using plasma technology air-conditions are some of the many examples on how we design the space to ensure your stay here is as stress free as possible, the air you breathe is as clean as possible because we care for every members who are using our offices and we want to give them the best within our means.

RM250 / hour

Teega Office Tower (26-02-Members Club)

Event Space         1000 sqft       Up to 100 pax     

Looking for an interesting space to host your next event? Look no further, our event space is big and well equipped enough to host your esteemed guests.

RM120 / hour

Teega Office Tower (17-02)

Board Room          300 sqft         Up to 12 pax   

Signing that very important contract? Meeting your board of directors or partners? Be sure to check out our board room.

RM80 / hour

Teega Office Tower (26-02-Oasis)

Meeting Room       200 sqft          Up to 8 pax 

Whether you are meeting your client for a discussion or perhaps presenting your proposal to your clients, we are sure our meeting room can meet your expectation to awe them. 

RM50 / hour

Teega Office Tower (26-02-Oceanfront)

Discussion Room    180 sqft          Up to 8 pax  

This space is perfect for internal discussion or brainstorming session among your friends and colleagues. Let your creative juice runs wild.


Seeing is believing, feel free to contact us and arrange for a viewing at your convenience. For more information, click on the green button at the bottom of this list!

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